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Welcome to Class 3

Here you will find Mr White (class teacher) with regular teaching assistant, Mrs Flock. Class 3 is a mixed year 3/4 junior class, beginning their journey in the KS2 National Curriculum. Class 3 have an exciting year ahead, with lots of interesting subjects and opportunities for learning.  Class 3 have high expectations, like to tackle challenges and enjoy sharing and celebrating their learning achievements.  This page will allow us to share some of our achievements both inside, and outside the classroom.

In Class 3 we always encourage practicing reading, spelling and times table skills, as they are fundamental to a child’s overall development.

  • Parents are the most important reading role models for children and young people. (National Literacy Trust, Reaching Out with Role Models, April 2009)
  • It is vital that children enjoy reading – motivation is essential for acquiring literacy skills. Reading for pleasure is more important than either wealth or social class as an indicator of success at school. Yet only 40% of England’s ten year olds have a positive attitude to reading.

Times tables are all about number facts, you just have to know them, if not then children will struggle when progressing through school. It may seem boring but there are about a million and one games and apps these days that can make times tables interactive, interesting and ‘fun’, so there really are no excuses.

Spelling has always been a tricky one and will continue to be tricky.  A lot of the time it is familiarising yourself with word patterns, the way they look, shapes of words and the way they sound.  Again it is an area that requires much patience and practice, there are no quick fixes when it comes to spellings.  In order to learn you must be prepared to make mistakes along the way, this is how we learn.

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