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The aim of our curriculum at Plumpton School is to get children actively involved in learning experiences which will enable them to become confident, connected life-long learners. As with everything we do our curriculum is underpinned by principles and values which encourage children to think deeply around topics, relate to other people and participate and contribute not only in lessons but in day-to-day life.

We also try to ensure that:

  • Our curriculum develops the whole person – knowledge, skills, understanding, attitudes
  • It is broad and balanced with clear progression in subject knowledge and skills
  • It is filled with rich first-hand experiences
  • It is flexible and responsive to individuals’ needs and interests
  • It has an eye on the future and the needs of future citizens
  • It encourages the use of environments and expertise beyond the classroom
  • It makes meaningful links between areas of knowledge across the curriculum and major issues of our time
  • It has a local, national and international dimension.

Our curriculum is organised into a two year cycle to provide a series of exciting, engaging and stimulating topics which cater for all of our children.

In addition to classroom based learning teachers use the whole school grounds and excursions to ensure that learning experiences are maximised.

All work is fully in-line with National Curriculum.



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