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Junior Librarians

Children are free to use the library from the time they start at Plumpton School in nursery. The books are divided into fiction, poetry and non-fiction and whilst our library is quite small, we endeavour to keep it stocked with relevant and up to date books which we often purchase with money raised by Friends of Plumpton School. Multiple copies of favourite books can also be found in the Key Stage 2 Reading Area and are used for guided reading sessions.

We aim to provide comfortable reading areas in school where children can relax and enjoy reading. Our team of Junior Librarians are responsible for monitoring these areas and promote reading by recommending books to others.

Library Code of Conduct


  • We will take care of the books


  • We will put the books back where we found them


  • We will be sensible and quiet when in the library


  • We will return all of the books that we borrow


Damaged/Missing books


Damaged books can usually be repaired so please don’t worry!


Most of our books get returned, however, some vanish. If you find that our books do get mixed up with your own then please just drop them off at school; no questions will be asked!

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